Above Standard Talent℠

The right mix of talents can be a game changer when it comes to achieving success for a commercial real estate (CRE) team. A diverse combination of talent often eludes current CRE brokerages simply because a relevant “talent roadmap” isn’t always clear. The changing nature of the CRE industry and the speed with which firms need to react to technological advances require a talent mix that is broad and adaptable.

Success going forward will not merely depend on an organization’s ability to pivot in the face of rapid innovation, but also in its ability to attract and retain talented team members. If you are going to “skate where the puck is going,” success hinges upon recognizing what talent is lacking in your organization. Industry specialists and observers comment on the pervasive “poaching” of talent across brokerage houses, both large and small. Talent poaching is nothing new, but it has reached new heights—particularly among South Florida’s very competitive CRE companies.

No longer are successful brokerages going to rely exclusively on the skill set surrounding deal negotiations, although that is certainly an art. The new landscape in CRE will require a complex set of skills that includes creative, analytical, digital, and communication talents that can support the day-to-day activities of today’s broker. An independent company that is dedicated exclusively to brokerage and consulting services, needs to scout and retain the talent of highly-seasoned experts as well as industry newcomers who exhibit skills in working with people and technology, all of which end up making it into CRE’s competitive toolbox.

At Fairchild Partners, we have worked hard at empowering a talented team of professionals who are committed to providing exceptional commercial real estate services. Our brokers pair over 30 years of experience in South Florida commercial real estate with the implementation of the latest global marketing technology and complex data analyses to better serve our customers; we continually adopt innovations that eventually replace existing industry standards. In the CRE industry, “above building standard” is the phrase that conveys top of the line product status. Just so, we serve our customers with an upscale, boutique service, and have been described as “raising the industry standard.”  After 12 years of successfully serving the South Florida community as an independent CRE firm, we strive to continually serve you with Above Standard TalentSM into the future.

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